internet application development from the middle of the pacific ocean

Do you talk to machines?

If you use the Internet, you talk to machines. We design intuitive, user-centric web sites and applications that make that human/machine conversation a good one. If the goal of your application is to sell a product, collect information, or any activity that requires human input, careful attention to usability details can make the difference on whether your project is succesful or not.

about us

William Garoutte has been developing Internet applications and websites since the 14.4kb dial-up modem days. When static content wasn't enough, these early websites leveraged javascript multi-dimensional arrays to provide content for a dynamic experience. Today, we use databases to provide the dynamic content, and advanced scripting and programming languages for crafting solutions for complex projects. We still do alot with javascript, because face it, javascript rocks at driving website behavior.

We're located on the Kona Coast of the Big Island of Hawaii, and when we're not developing applications, can be usually found swimming with the fishes.


William Garoutte offers design and programming services for clients worldwide.

  • Coldfusion development
  • Django Python development
  • CodeIgniter PHP development
  • Front-end User Interface design, 508 compliancy, and code optimization.
  • Advanced Javascript scripting including AJAX and jQuery.


Not currently accepting inquiries for new projects.

Check back then for contact information ... Mahalo!

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